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I'm rowing for a cure

Laurie’s Love has been able to fund various grants and research projects with renowned medical research institutions. To date, Laurie’s Love has raised over $400,000 and have contributed to numerous medical breakthroughs and allowed researchers to continue their studies into this disease.

Help me by joining in on the fight against Brain Cancer.

My Updates

from Laurie's wife Julie

Thursday 6th Oct

Where to start….. My most sincere thanks go to each and every person who participated in the Laurie’s Love 24hr Row for a Cure in Brisbane over the weekend. I must thank those who braved the rower, those who supported the rowers, those who helped set up, clean up. Those who donated money to this amazing cause and those who advocated to your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues what Laurie’s Love is all about. But mostly to John (JD) for willingly hosting this event in Brisbane.


Laurie’s Love began when my husband Laurence fell ill to an aggressive brain cancer at 42 years old. The outpour of love and support prompted him to do something to show our appreciation and leave a legacy his 3 children and I would be super proud of. After receiving his diagnosis, we knew he was not going to be able to talk his way out of this sticky situation this time. Laurence was an unbelievable talker and could pretty much sell ice to an eskimo! With minimal government funding, brain cancer statistics have not changed in 30 years. In fact, his first diagnosis at age 27 of a low grade, benign brain tumour was treated successfully with a combination of chemo tablets and radiation. 15 years on, diagnosis #2, and the same treatment was the only thing on offer. There had been no advancements in 15 years. He was unable to have the radiation as he had used his maximum dose the first time around. So, this became his mission and his passion. He would spend the next 10 months of his precious life trying to fund new treatments and research projects. He knew full well the money he raised would not help him, but he hoped it may help someone else in this situation. He wanted to contribute to cancer research. He wanted to give people with a diagnosis Hope. He did not want anyone else to hear “sorry, there is nothing more we can offer you”.


In Saying that, what you guys have done over the weekend is beyond appreciated and quite overwhelmingly mind blowing. None of you (except John and James Greenwood) know Laurence, and yet said yes to this crazy idea. I wanted to personally express my gratitude. What we gained from the row is so much more than the funds we raised, and this event has given new meaning to Laurie’s Love. You have contributed to the growth of the Laurie’s Love Row for a Cure and that has enabled us to not only row for and remember Laurence, but also allows us to remember all loved ones who have lost their life to cancer or are still fighting it The Row for a Cure allows us to become part of a team, it allows us to accomplish something bigger than ourselves, it teaches us the meaning of Hope and shows us the power of Love. Laurence loved a good acronym, and he came up with a beauty….. “The money we raise may help cure cancer, but the Love we raise will cure mankind”. He had a way with words, and when his words were taken from him due to the cancer, he used his actions instead. By rowing, you too have used your incredible actions. We hope you have gained so much more than sore muscles from this event and feel completely accomplished and rewarded. You raised an incredible amount of money that we are so excited to put towards some extraordinary projects. Together, between Brisbane, Moreton Bay, Townsville, Etty Bay and Ayr, we have raised a staggering $200,562 which is so much more than we could have ever imagined. Thank You Brisbane for supporting Laurie’s Love and the great man behind it. We hope to see you back on the rowers in 2024!!!


Lots of Love

Julie Pavone

(Laurie’s wife)

We finished!!

Tuesday 4th Oct
Hi Everyone,
A quick word here to tell that we made it on the weekend in our 24 Hour Row for a Cure for brain cancer.  It really was an amazing event, as much a mental challenge as a physical one.  The overall numbers will come through at some stage but our team of 12 (one of 27 teams across 4 locations) raised nearly $20k and rowed just over 316 ks in the 24 hours.  Personally I rowed nearly 34 ks.  This photo is us at the end.  Channel Nine did a little story as well.
Thank you again for your contribution to our fundraising and to helping the quest to cure brain cancer.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Blackwatch Projects

Well Done T!





Mike And Mariangela

Sounds like "hull" of an effort. Best of luck Mark.


Ben K

Active recovery suggested after you row. Maybe some elbow flexes with a cold can?


Ian Kilpatrick


Mark Turner


Paul Turner

Stroke, stroke, stroke!


Matt Ganter

Row Hard, Toss.


Luke Jackson

Have fun walking after this one Turner. Will you have recovered in time for the T20 WC


Conor Thompson

Happy rowing mate ...



Well done "Laurie's Love"! Great effort


Mike And Mez Virtue

Well done mate, love your work


Lisa Foa

Go for it Cuz, you can do it!


Tony Giblin


Emma C


Stuart White

Crazy Bugger...good luck.


Jane & Mark Robbo

Can we watch the live stream please Mark !!!!!


Lara And Rory Kilpatrick

Row hard Mark!


Andy Thompson

I find an exceptionally tight arse clench can assist enormously or the erg. Go hard fella.



Great cause Mark. Row hard mate!!


Jo & Ivan Sever

Well done Mark, we can’t wait to hear how it goes.


Craig Edwards


Brett Smyth

Love your work Taddy.



You're a star MT.